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Grease Trap Supply & Installation

Grease management systems are designed to prevent oils, fats & grease from entering your drainage system. These wastes if not properly processed will cause a blockage in your drains and pipework.

Why choose Master Castle?

MasterCastle being the grease trap suppliers in Dubai supply, install, service & repair grease traps, dosing units & interceptors. Automatic grease trap supplier in UAE installing every product we produce or stock to meet the requirements of your business. We can install these systems inside, outside, or mounted to the floor depending on your commercial kitchen requirements. Our grease management systems include grease trap type a b c and are both reliable and durable. MasterCastle is the grease trap supplier in Ajman with maximum efficiency.

Grease Trap Supply & Istallation
Grease Trap Supply & Istallation
Grease Trap Supply & Istallation

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